Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pillow talk

i'm having a pretty awesome summer, all told. my work schedule makes me a little manic, and mary mother of god it's hot out all the freaking time, but generally speaking, for someone who tends to hate summer, i'm really loving it this year. i've gone to all sorts of kick ass concerts, everytime i turn around the LAist crew is plotting or holding a bbq party, i've been writing and taking pics a lot, there have been three chef competition tv shows running (now two, since amy won the next food network star and whattup, amy, i totally texted in a vote for you!), my friend circle seems to be expanding, miss munchkin came to visit, and--oh, yeah--every now and then i get to hang out with this super cute, smart, funny guy that i crazy love.


i've always kind of hated summer. i think it's because you're "supposed to" have lots of fun, and usually i've been in school, in a crappy job, unemployed, in some phase of poverty, and without air conditioning in my car. well, even though teaching summer school can be un petit drag, i have the job i'm best suited for, good at, and that i love, and...the a/c in my prius rocks my face off. ahhhh, yes. less cranky, sticky me. and even though my summer isn't about beer or beach or bagging random dudes or sleeping all day or partying all night or shopping sprees or trips, it is about good people and good times and good fun.

it's no wonder i found myself waking up a few times last night with a goofy grin plastered on my face. what a shocker--i'm super happy!

it didn't hurt that my pillows still smelled like a certain guy...


Saturday, July 21, 2007

why i'm singing "love! love! love!" and sporting a goofy grin

...because i saw the incomparable polyphonic spree play the el rey this week, and was revolutionized. i'm ready to enlist in their fragile army.

read my review on LAist.


Monday, July 16, 2007

the neighborhood project

over at LAist we're doing a series called the neighborhood project. i've spent the past few days laboring--with love--to assemble my contribution on my longtime 'hood. so please take a look at the project--okay, especially my post!--and get to know los angeles, whether you live here or not.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

she no bloggy, she be busy

sometimes, when i come home from work on any given afternoon and accidentally take a nap while watching the golden girls, i wonder what life would be life if i were one of those people who went out all the time and did things. then, of course, i have a week like last one, when i spend several days in a row being one of those people who goes out and does things, and when all is said and done, i'm happy to go back to being the kind of person who comes home from work in the afternoon and accidentally takes a nap while watching the golden girls.

last week i learned that i am no longer eighteen. i learned this, not just because my driver's license and all other official documents bearing my name and birthdate bear testimony to the fact that i'm thirty, but rather because i was in the fine company of one of my favorite people in the world, who also happens to be eighteen. my darling cousin munchkin came down from v-town (i don't care if anyone calls it that, i will) for a little vacation, and we managed to jam-pack the days with lots of outings, indulgences, snack foods, late nights, and shopping jaunts. we hit the spa, we went to a bbq, spent the night of july 4th downtown at the bonaventure hotel and saw the fireworks from the revolving restaurant,danced under the stars up at the getty center, shopped melrose end to end, stuffed ourselves with sushi, saw sicko (during which, ironically, i broke a tooth and had to shell out another $217 to get it fixed, thus delaying other dental work that will cost me more time and money), ate $15 burgers at 25 degrees, and picnicked and watched the decemberists play the hollywood bowl with the l.a. philharmonic. i also worked three days of her visit, managed to cavort with the darling boy a few times, and made red-white-and blueberry pancakes. man, it was one goddamn good week.

but now my miss munchkin is back at home, and i am back to my much quieter life. i'm pretty happy to stay at home and gab on the phone with folks near and far, snuggle with the darling boy, and eat foods that contain nutrients and protein. i'm ready to get back on task with my trainer, and catch up on some television. and just for kicks, i might stir things up a bit and cook some dinner. considering how heavy my eyelids feel right now, it just might be an early bird special.


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