Sunday, November 25, 2007

home, sweet, home

i just sent an email to someone and included a line about being in that weird phase of post-vacation detox confusion. here it is, almost eleven on sunday night after this extra long american thanksgiving weekend, and i've been home about two hours and i'm still a tad out of focus. i made it to the shower, the toilet, and the internet, but still haven't reconvened with my beloved television. i had a long but very wonderful phone chat with my amazing editor at LAist. and here i am, procrastinating tackling a luxurious act of procrastination by writing. maybe i do know a thing or two after all.

i think it was thanksgiving night, after a few of us pillaged the poor unsuspecting pumpkin and pecan pies on the countertop of my hosts' lovely home, i turned to lqt's brother and said, with zero intention of dissatisfaction, that i felt like i'd been visiting at their parents' house for eight and a half weeks. really, we'd only been there two days, but two days of being completely removed from my comfort zone and home-space--and head space, i'll add thankfully--is mighty powerful. follow that up with a third day of mellow family fun and then a blast off eastward to the bay area for a very full day and night of adventuring and bickering and walking and the like, toss in an oh so very long drive home all day today, and it's no wonder i'm not feeling like myself.

all of this is actually a rather good thing; lately feeling like myself has been a strange condition. it seems, since i'm paying homage to single pete yorn song, that stories and cigarettes were conspiring to ruin the life of no lesser girl, but rather plain old me. here's where i put the back of my hand to my slightly damp forehead and say with a flutter and a drawl "who am i?"

on the ride home this afternoon we dialed up some podcasts of "this american life" and gave an old timey radio listen for a couple of hours. yesterday i poked my nose around the shelves and aisles of the legendary city lights bookstore in san francisco. i talked an awful lot about writing with some awfully great folks over days and countless glasses of wine. i heard some amazing stories about the city i call my home from someone who lived in it seventy some odd years ago. i put some words down in my own notebook. i hung out with a nine year old who wrote and directed two very brief plays over two very fun nights. i took a lot of pictures. over breakfast this morning in oakland i told someone about my thesis, and registered a look of "wow, that's cool" on their appreciative face, and for the first time in a long time thought "wow, that IS cool" too. i'm becoming less afraid of my own words.

i'm starting to remember who i am.

and it's so very nice to be home sweet home.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

on being an international cabaret star

junebug: wouldn't that be the life? being on the road every night, going from dive to dive, man to man?

slp: how is that different from your life now?

junebug: well, i don't sing.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

i stop writing, you start searching. coincidence? i think so.

obvs, i haven't been much of a blogger of late. i toyed with the idea of doing NaBloPoMo and look where that got me. i mean, seriously, what is there to say? i teach kids how to write essays. i watch television. i buy groceries. i'm in love with a difficult but incredible man who brings me flowers and squash blossoms and makes me watch marathons of vh1's I Love New York and always shares his shrimp with me when we order takeout and kisses me like he was born to do it. i like to play solitaire scrabulous. i'm enjoying wilco's album sky blue sky and stars' in our bedroom after the war and jesca hoop's kismet and a bunch of other random songs. it was hot and now it's not as hot and i can wear jackets, yay!

so what's funny is that in examining my stats--because i still do, y'all--i've noticed an upward spike in hits. last month it all made sense; i mean, in a month where pumpkins get the spotlight in food and decor, searches for pumpkin or punkin in all permutations are a given. but the trend continues, so i thought i'd see what was bringing the more unusual suspects over my way... here's the past couple of days' worth of searches. some i can see how a story from me would suit, but others... oh my! laugh with me.

martha stewart baby bunny slipper
furry punkin heads
no string attached sex f.t pierce
anything goes little xxx blog
riot sassy little scene
ford escape can't remove the ignition key
rock island drug bust in march 2003
chef girlfriend fool los angeles
professor crushes
jolly rancher/twizzler halloween candy
the question of the day is "what is victoria's secret?"
bonnie muirhead
sayings: crazier than
since august 2007
picture of little girl undergarment model
sexy and sweet, this will soon become one of your favorite lingerie items
poem about sassy little girls
"my favorite things" mastercard commercial cast
"between what our body tells us and what we have to know in order to function"
big booty
ring finger itch myth

oh, and PS: happy birthday, emily! i miss my honorary sister!


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